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Oil and Gas Politics: Just The Nonpartisan Facts

May 7, 2012


I’ve been writing a series for Fortune in recent weeks tackling questions like, if the U.S. is now selling more petroleum products than it is buying for the first time in more than six decades, why is most of the country paying around $4 a gallon for gas? And if 30% of U.S. oil is […]

Please Resubscribe — thanks

April 26, 2012


You may have noticed you haven’t received any posts from me lately. Well, it’s like this, I got sued, twice, I started writing my next book and then — unexpectedly — I ended up in an international border dispute. In other words, it’s been quite the lively adventure, this job. I’ll be writing about all of it coming up, as things are finally settling down. […]

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Q&A With The Global Journal: Oil Trading And The Casino Syndrome

February 28, 2012


Happy National Pancake/Leap Year/Week before Super Tuesday Day, all. It has been a turbulent past few months and not just in the oil market. I will get into why very shortly but, for now, let’s just say that after a long and dark winter, I am once again available for dancing in the streets. Without any further cryptic remarks, I’d like […]

The Boy Wonder At The Heart Of A Disaster

December 2, 2011


Something to inspire your Friday: The story of a 30-year-old from Sunrise, Florida, who’s defying Wall Street — and not getting hit with a nightstick for it. Who is James Koutoulas and how did this 30-year-old end up leading the charge to recover more than $1 billion for customers from one of Wall Street’s biggest bankruptcies? […]


November 22, 2011


It met rarely and whined often. It gave up before the actual deadline (Nov. 23). It sought to shear over a trillion off the national budget, but came up with peanuts. It inspired satire in the form of, among other things, superhero cartoons. It was the “supercommittee.” For these reasons and so many more, America’s elite political body truly lived up […]

How To Make Someone Else Swallow Your Losses, The Mastercourse

November 21, 2011


It’s official: when a Wall Street powerhouse suddenly collapses and (possibly) more than a billion dollars goes missing, it’s no longer just the ordinary taxpayer’s problem. Now, it has moved up the chain. Below, the piece I wrote today for Fortune on what traders do when you misappropriate their money. While Occupy Wall Street was holding its two-month anniversary rally in Manhattan […]

Good News From Francis, The Lamp Man

November 12, 2011


Sometimes there’s a need to find a good lamp guy. The guy the other lamp guys go to who really knows where it’s at. That guy is Francis Nowalk of Pittsburgh (or for those of you who want to get persnickety about it, Bloomfield, PA, the Little Italy of Pittsburgh). Francis has a massive stone building […]